Wing Chun Butterfly Knife
A form involving a pair of large "butterfly knives", slightly smaller than short swords (Doa). Historically the knives were also referred to as Dit Ming Do "Life-Taking Knives"
The student is now ready to progress to weapons once the correct force generation in the open-handed techniques has been achieved. Once the open hand forms have become capable of delivering force to the end of your fingertips, the idea is then to extend that force further to the end of the weapon as a continued extension of the body, by applying the same principles. The basic concept behind weapon forms allows you to use them as exercises for strengthening wrists and forearms. 

The “Butterfly Knives” are historical knives commonly referred to as “Dit Ming Do” meaning “Life-Taking Knives”. Slightly smaller than short swords “Doa” are used to do the Baat Jaam Do form. Using these knives during training greatly enhances muscle and body coordination and control. Practising this technique enhances the awareness of limb location for your body, reason being a mistake using these tools can result in a severed limb or worse. 
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Questions and Answers for beginners ( FQ&A)
Q: Is there continuous support after the 12 weeks Course?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any additional costs after the 12 weeks course if I needed support?
A: No

Q: Do I need specific training equipment to start the training?
A: Not at the beginning. When you train with a partner you would require it then.

Q: Is it essential to have a training partner?
A: Yes if you want to progress. 

Q: Is this suitable for any age?
A: No . Recommend from age 10 years and above.

Q: Do I need specific garments to wear when training?
A: Wear any thing you feel comfortable in. (No jewellery)

Q: What happens if I missed one week of the training?
A: Continue where you left off.

Q:Are there any more training once I have completed this course?
A: Yes. (Members get discounts for new courses)

Q: Do I get a certificate when I finish the course?
A: Yes you get a certificate of completion?

Q: Can I teach with the certificate of completion?
A: You are not a qualified instructor with this certificate, so NO you can not use it to teach to run classes.

Q: Do I need to consent my doctor if I'm on any medication or have any medical issues or injuries before training?
A: Yes if you have any concerns your best to check with your doctor first. 
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